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Mediterranean at heart

MCB is refreshing, thirst-quenching, light and easy to drink. Because our true desire is to appeal to every (subtle) palate.


Our beer reflects the Mediterranean climate with its mild and refreshing taste, and the warm local spirit as it’s meant to be enjoyed with friends. And friends of friends! What makes our Monte Carlo Beer so unique is that we humbly try to create a distinctively tasteful and truly refreshing taste, so you can share and enjoy it with your favorite people, whether they are curious minds or big league connoisseurs.

Crafted with love

We build our savoir-faire step by step, with every meaningful and inspiring encounter along our craft beer journey. Along our path, somewhere on the cliffs surrounding Mouanx-Sartoux, we met The À La Fût Brewers. They are the brilliant craftsmen who, after a sophisticated and caring process, bring the Monte Carlo Beer to life and provide it all its delicacy.


These local craftsmen combine traditional know how and high performance technology. 3 crucial steps ensure the uniqueness of our beer :
– centrifugation: 8800 tours/minute to clarify the beer and eliminate most of the yeast residu
– filtration: which sterilises the beer and allows for extended optimal consumption (1,5 to 2 years)
– carbonation: with natural food C02 to restore the sparkling qualities lost during the previous steps This is the level of excellence we put into our beer.

Quality and exception. Punto.

A light lager “Pale Ale”



From the beginning, it was clear and obvious for us to source all our ingredients locally, and from sustainable agriculture. We craft 2 blends, both made of three malts and three hops, produced in France, top fermented : – our “blonde” blend is a light “Pale Ale” lager, dry with fruity citrys notes. For amateurs of refreshing beer, meant to be enjoyed fresh, on all occasions. – our “amber” blend has more character with a rich and malty taste, balanced with coffee and vanilla aromas. Recommended for amateurs of stronger and more aromatic beers. For the curious ones out there who wish to know more about our process, we’d be happy to answer your questions.


MEET THE FOUNDERS We were born in the sunny South of France and have been beer lovers for a long, oh so long time. As such, we believe that one of the secrets to life is simply to share a good moment with good people around you. And of course, it’s always a plus if you have a tasty beer to enjoy along the way. So we thought it would be brilliant and exciting to create one that carries the image and values of our beloved hometown, Monaco. Fresh, elegant, and a pinch sassy. Being entrepreneurs at heart and knowing the world of F&B thanks to the restaurants and bars we both created, we decided to venture into our second business together and create Monte Carlo Beer. This adventure is a story of friendship. Not only between us, founders, but also with each and every one of our partners. Our approach is pretty basic : we work with the people with whom we feel a true connection. That’s how MC Beer was born. And we’re so excited to see how it will grow.

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