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Our Story

Brought up under Monaco's unique sun, nurtured by the sharing of local delicacies, and enriched by the embrace of a Mediterranean culture that naturally encourages openness, Antho and Will, lifelong companions, embody the essence of the Riviera. They firmly believe that true happiness blossoms when shared.

For over 15 years, these inseparable friends have embarked on global adventures, seeking out those cherished "special moments," always with a beer in hand. To them, beer transcends its mere liquid form; it serves as a conduit for connection, a refresher of the spirit, and a revealer of character.

With a deep sense of pride in their roots, a passion for the finer things in life, and an unwavering openness to new experiences, Antho and Will, buoyed by the support of their circle, took the bold step in 2019 to craft their own beer. Their creation: an authentic, crisp, and effortlessly enjoyable brew that mirrors their belief in genuine connections.

As demand for their brew grew, Antho and Will transitioned from amateur brewers among friends to professional producers, maintaining the spirit of camaraderie and conviviality that inspired their venture. Monte Carlo Beer embodies both the rich heritage of the Principality of Monaco and the promise of memorable moments shared among friends.

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